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Detection is    

     a Full service inspection company providing both field and laboratory inspection services.
Our services include a full range of NDT methods, Quality Control and Quality Assurance functions, and physical testing.

Our company’ experience as an independent contractor of inspection in the Oil, Gas, Chemicals, Industrial and petrochemicals industries is very well distinguished in the Egyptian and the Middle East. Experience includes planning, organizing and implementing all inspection related activities for both domestic and foreign purchased project material, vendor fabricated and manufactured equipment and site erection/installation, supervising quality control; training, qualifying and evaluating company inspector expertise in the areas of welding, fabrication, non-destructive testing and quality control.

The quality of our services is of decisive significance for the competitiveness of our company, as well as for that of our clients each employee bears a part of the responsibility for control and improvement of the quality. Only a permanent striving for improvement ensures the success and continuance of the company.

Detection Services
Detection provides the Chemical, Petro-Chemical, Automotive, Utility (Power Generation), Civil (Infrastructure), Electronics, Casting and Forging, Light/Heavy Manufacturing, Bridge/Building, and Aircraft Industries with the Following services:

1. Inspection and Quality Control
2. Training & qualifying NDT personnel and certification to ASNT requirements in RT, ET,  
     MT, UT, PT, VT LEVEL I & II
3. Training & qualifying of welders and certification to ASME, AWS & API requirements
4. Developing welding procedure & specification and witness their qualifications
5. Preparation of Companies to Achieve the ASME Stamps 6. Consulting activities in welding and NDT.